PT BATULICIN NUSANTARA MARITIM PELABUHAN MUAT Proses muat dilakukan sampai dengan jumlah muatan mencukupi dan aman sesuai dengan regulasi yang ada. Setelah dipastikan muatan dan tongkang dalam keadaan aman dan layak untuk berlayar. SELENGKAPNYA PT BATULICIN NUSANTARA MARITIM BERLAYAR Tongkang di tarik oleh kapal tunda berlayar menuju ke mother vessel sesuai dengan perjanjian yang di sepakati dengan pelanggan. Selama proses berlayar, crew kapal tunda melaporkan posisi dan keadaan barang kepada kantor pusat untuk diteruskan kepada pelanggan. SELENGKAPNYA PT BATULICIN NUSANTARA MARITIM TRANSHIPMENT Tongkang di tarik oleh tugboat membawa muatan dari Pelabuhan muat ke Mother Vessel yang menunggu di muara sungai/laut lepas untuk memindahkan muatan dari tongkang ke Mother Vessel SELENGKAPNYA


The establishment of the Internal Audit Unit is a manifestation of the Company’s commitment to comply with the regulations of the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (formerly Bapepam-LK) and in line with the Company’s efforts to increase the value of strong internal governance and improve the Company’s operations.

With the establishment of the Internal Audit Unit at PT Batulicin Nusantara Maritim, it is hoped that this unit can carry out a supervisory role independently in the Company, especially in terms of providing objective confidence to be able to provide added value and improve the Company’s operations.

In addition, the objective of establishing the Internal Audit Unit is to support the achievement of the Company’s objectives with a systematic approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and good corporate governance. The Internal Audit Unit is also expected to be able to become a professional advisor to the board of directors and a catalyst for all work units and the Company as a whole.

Job and function

  1. Develop and implement an Annual Internal Audit plan.
  2. Test and evaluate the implementation of internal control and risk management systems in accordance with Company policy.
  3. To conduct examination and assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of finance, accounting, operations, human resources, marketing, information technology and other activities.
  4. Provide suggestions for improvement and objective information about the activities examined at all levels of management.
  5. Prepare an audit report and submit the report to the President Director and the Board of Commissioners.
  6. Monitor, analyze, and report on the implementation of the suggested improvements.
  7. Working closely with the Audit Committee.
  8. Develop a program to evaluate the quality of its internal audit activities.
  9. Conducting special inspection if needed.

Head of Internal Audit Unit

Head of Internal Audit Unit is Budhiman Appointed as Head of Internal Audit Unit since October 25, 2019.

The Head of the Internal Audit Unit is appointed and dismissed by the President Director with the approval of the Board of Commissioners. Therefore, the Head of the Internal Audit Unit reports directly to the President Director.