The Company conducts business in the field of sea and river transportation. This activity is generally referred to as transhipment. This transhipment activity is the activity of transporting coal from the Company’s tugs and barges to the mother vessel, which is then transported to another place by the mother vessel.

Goods Transportation Process

Loading Port

The barge is leaned on the loading port as agreed in the agreement with the tugboat that towed it. The loading process is carried out until the amount of cargo is sufficient and safe in accordance with existing regulations. After making sure the cargo and barge are safe and suitable for sailing, the tug boat can pull the barge out of the port to sail to the port of destination.


Barges are pulled by tugs to sail to the mother vessel in accordance with the agreement agreed with the customer. During the sailing process, the tug crew reports the position and condition of the coal to the head office to be forwarded to the customer.


The barge is dragged by the tugboat carrying cargo from the loading port to the Mother Vessel that waits at the mouth of the river / open sea to move cargo from the barge to the Mother Vessel. Mother Vessel cannot enter the river or close to the loading port because it has a greater depth than the depth of the river or loading port.